Unisys Keynote Luncheon Recap – Breaking into an Emerging Market


Breaking into an emerging market during a distressed economic period is a substantial challenge, especially daunting when combined with a reduction in marketing budgets and resources.  Focusing on core strengths and a solid understanding of client needs and technology trends, Unisys Corporation entered the world of Cloud Computing while employing new social technologies to amplify their story.

Unisys surveyed customers regarding IT service and learned that the biggest concerns centered on security and mission critical applications.  As security is a core competency for Unisys, they determined that the company could establish a leadership position in the emerging Cloud Computing marketplace.  By partnering with the Cloud Computing Journal, Unisys gained instant access and credibility with leaders and potential customers in this dynamic new technology.

Unisys also determined that the time was right to strategically engage in social media.  After using PRNewswire software to monitor the online conversation for some time, they engaged credible experts to represent the company online.  Unisys carefully coordinated their message across their new website, Twitter, blogs and with a You Tube episode.  Their motto: build once, repurpose many times.  Efforts were centered on generating buzz for an international conference on Cloud Computing where Unisys was a keynote speaker.  Unisys quickly learned the downside of social media of as one comment was taken out of context and quickly blazed across the web.  Through the use of monitoring software, they quickly ascertained that the negative comments were short-lived and overall positive sentiment remained. As a result of their increased online presence, Unisys is fielding more calls from the media on Cloud Computing and engaging more potential customers in the conversation.

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